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After completion of the DX expedition on Rotuma Island with CALL 3D2R, October 2011, Team Leader, Hrane YT1AD promise is to re-visit Rotuma high school and club 3D2RI in April 2012th. Before Fiji and Rotuma, Hrane was in short visit on American Samoa and visited his friend, Uti, KS6FO and  Larry, AH8LG ... did not know it was  last meeting with Larry. Unfortunately to all amateur world, Larry passed away after a month, may 8th 2012 . He was in 81. RIP big  HAM star in Pacific area, Larry AH8LG.
Then he visited his friend two days in Samoa, Apia, 5W1SA, Atsuo. It was made around 1500 amateur 5V7A connection with the sign. We have arranged some future activities.
The next stage was the island of Fiji. I visited the TAF, the Agency for amateur radio license and got a new license for the upcoming expedition to the island Conway Reef with CALL: 3D2C.
After 2 days Rokobaro, 3D2TR and Hrane YT1AD-3D2AD-3D2R traveled by  plane to nice island of  Rotuma with new donations. In Rotuma club 3D2RI are suitable old antenna systems and  create new antennas for 7 MHz, 18 MHz and 24 MHz. Trained a new group of 60 amateurs and we hope that the island of Rotuma Island soon will be hams.
New donations are:
-LPA  TL 922   1300 US $ with transportation
-Dimond SWR 145 US$
-Ticket for Rokobaro, 3D2TR 800 US $,
All 3 cost is 2245 US $ and donated by half from PY5EG  and YT1AD
-Antenna rotor HAM IV, used, donation by K6MKF
-Antenna tuner 2 kw will donate in October 2012, WD5COV
With new equipment and new  amateurs will be more activity from this remote and beautiful islands.
The following activities and donations can be expected after the expedition to Conway reef, 3D2C, October 2012. However, the greatest activity will be the establishment   Rotuma High School Foundation, which needs to raise funds to build house  with complete amateur radio antenna systems and equipment’s. Dave, K3LP is the President of the Foundation and all should help him in this human activity.
School currently need  5 lap top’s, and a video beam for presentation.
I also hope that it will soon be active  Rokobaro from Suva with CALL 3D2TR. Donations are ongoing, and the Atilano PY5EG with HAM’s from Brazil will donate a TS-570S with PS and antenna rotor.
Hrane, YT1AD will donate antenna A3S with tower 15 m and 3D2C team will donate LPA SB 220 or similar...

All photo from last trip you can see on:  http://yt1ad.info/3d2r/gallery/index.php?spgmGal=3D2RI April 2012
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