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Complete 3D2R and 3D2R/MM LOG is uploaded.
Distribution of 3D2R and 3D2R/MM QSL cards will start on November, 15 2011.
Today is the sixth day of our activity. Propagation not so good, but our team continues to work with much pleasure. Current situation is, as you can see on the chart, is 54.600 QSO`s.
Important: We must finish our activity 12 hours earlier than what was anticipated in our schedule. Our last QSO will be on October 5th at 11:00 GMT. Our expected time of departure will be at 12:00 GMT, October 5th from Rotuma to Suva, Fiji Islands.
We will do our final LOG update upon arrival in Suva, Fiji on October 8th 2011. There shall be no more updates from Rotuma Island after this.
Thanks for all contacts,
           SSB      CW    RTTY    SSTV   PSK31    band
  160m       2    1048       0       0       0    1050
   80m    1144    2773       0       0       0    3917
   60m      12       0       0       0       0      12
   40m    1495    3819     314       0       0    5628
   30m       0    3421     170       0       0    3591
   20m    4840    2088     341       0      60    7329
   17m    1527    4966     220       0       3    6716
   15m    4873    4577     557       0       0   10007
   12m    2444    3222     626       0      22    6314
   10m    4743    4366     694      10      37    9850
    6m     121      65       0       0       0     186
  mode   21201   30345    2922      10     122   54600
Till now:

           SSB      CW    RTTY   PSK31    band
  160m       1     853       0       0     854
   80m    1094    2122       0       0    3216
   40m    1489    3058     313       0    4860
   30m       0    2792      99       0    2891
   20m    3229    2086     341      60    5716
   17m    1525    4358       0       1    5884
   15m    4242    4212     557       0    9011
   12m    1885    2828     430      22    5165
   10m    4424    3517     691      37    8669
    6m       4       0       0       0       4
  mode   17893   25826    2431     120   46270


3D2R team continues activity from the beautiful island of Rotuma. The current situation regarding QSOs after 3 days can be viewed in the graph below. Since arrival, 6 Meters was set-up and transmitting on 50.095 Mhz, but have not heard any openings at this time. Beacon is active with call 3D2R/B on 50.095 MHz.
Today, we will start with SSTV activity on 20, 15 and 10 meter bands.
Top band propagation has been above average. Weve installed an Inverted L of 160 meters over the water, plus have a 4 square on 40 and 80 meters.
This evening, well make our first 60 meter QSO of many to come. EME have very bad time and extremely high noise. We will tray last 2 days again EME.
Hrane (YT1AD) and Oms (PY5EG) have started and will continue to provide amateur radio lessons to two groups of students at the Rotuma High School. A TS-570 HF Rig with power supply and 3 element will be donated to the High School upon our departure. Maybe very soon we will have call 3D2RI from Rotuma Island.
We want to thank the international amateur radio community for their professionalism in the way they have conducted their QSOs with our team.
Regards from our the 3D2R Team to all HAMs from nice Rotuma.

           SSB      CW    RTTY   PSK31    band
  160m       1     653       0       0     654
   80m     357    1512       0       0    1869
   40m    1489    1376     309       0    3174
   30m       0    2392      99       0    2491
   20m     901    1492     340      60    2793
   17m    1126    2966       0       0    4092
   15m    3971    2929      99       0    6999
   12m     962    1693       0       0    2655
   10m    3049    2014     307      37    5407
  mode   11856   17027    1154      97   30134
Our team is very well. Working with 6 radio's. This afternoon will setup 160 and 60 meters. Last day of our activity is october 6th 02:00 GMT.
All 3D2R Team members have now assembled in Suva, Fiji. Upon our arrival, we learned that our shipping container is delayed in New Zealand. Fortunately, the team members have brought radios, amplifiers and antennas with them to Fiji. We will be able to run five stations and emphasize the low-bands as planned.
We are now preparing our ship for our two day voyage to Rotuma. We anticipate arriving in Rotuma late in the evening of September 27th and we expect to be active early on September 28th.
The 3D2R team wishes you good luck and good fun in working us.
After many months of careful planning, we are pleased to announce that our preparations for a large multi-national DXpedition to Rotuma are going according to plan.
Rotuma is located in the South Pacific Ocean and is #32 on Club Logs most wanted DXCC list.
The Team is meeting in Lami Bay, Suva on September 22nd and departing by ship to Rotuma on September 25th. The Team expects to arrive in Rotuma and become active on Tuesday, September 27th. We will complete our DXpedition on October 7th, 2011.
The main goals of this DXpedition are to work every amateur radio operator who needs Rotuma for a new DXCC country. In addition, we will be active on all bands from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz, including the 5MHz and 50 MHz bands.
In addition to CW, SSB and RTTY we will be active on PSK, SSTV and EME. Special attention will be made to work far away stations such as Europe and Africa during those periods when propagation permits. The propagation window for EU and Africa is very brief at times and signals may be weak, so we ask everyone in the honored HAM SPIRIT to stand by when asked so that we may fulfill this need. Our destination will have a wide range of options and possibilities.
We plan to upload our logs on a daily basis to our on-line log. We will upload to LOTW approximately six months following the DXpedition.
We wish everyone good propagation and we hope that you enjoy working the 3D2R Team.
At this time, we are seeking additional Club and Individual Sponsors to help us defray the costs of carrying out this DXpedition.
The team of experienced amateur and friends prepared a serious amateur expedition to the far island Rotuma, which belongs to the state Fiji, but it is very important for the amateur, because it counts as a separate country by DXCC list. Our goal is to activate the beautiful island of Rotuma in all amateur frequency from 1.8 MHz to 144 MHz and all amateur modes. Our team will work CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, SSTV, PSK etc...
The team of experienced amateur and friends will gather at the 24th Fiji September 2011 and expect a departure from the port of Suva 25th In September 2011 around noon. The journey takes 36 hours. We expect the first activity at amateur frequencies on 27th September 2011 and will be active the next 10 days.
Return to Fiji is expected 8.oktobra 2011 in the morning in the same harbor where we came from!! We hope that the whole amateur world will enjoy the amateur activity and QSO's with our team.
April, 13 - April, 16 2011
The boat chartered for sailing to Kanton is delayed and will not arrive in Apia until late the 14th or early 15th, so the departure is delayed until maybe as late as the 16th. The boat captain arrived in Apia by plane. All operators are anxious about the delay as to how it may affect the T31A total operating days and also return flights to home QTHs beginning on May 2nd. Part of team, W6KK, EA1IR and YT1AD make decision not to going on island according obligations and not having clear return date. Also, there exist other personal reasons which make us take the decision of not boarding the boat. Carlos, EA1IR and Hrane YT1AD will make short expedition in few Pacific Isl. 20.04 till 22.04 they will QRV as 3D2IR and 3D2AD. From 22.04 till 26.04 they will work from Tonga, city Tongatepu with A35IR and A35AD and after again from Fiji as 3D2IR and 3D2AD and last activity will be from American Samoa as KH8/EA1IR and KH8/N9YU.
QSL information for all this activity for YT1AD and EA1IR is via Carlos, EA1IR.
All team will arrive in Fiji, Nadi in September 25th 2011. Departure from port Suva, September 26th 2011. Arriving at Conway Reef September 27th 2011 afternoon. Activity from Conway Reef October 1st till October 6th 2011. Departure from Conway Reef to Suva October 7. Arriving at Fiji October 8 afternoon.
Our team have possibility to change trip from Conway Reef to Rotuma Island according request of many amateur radio in the World. Team already have call sign 3D2R and now working for landing permit. More information coming later.
Hrane will from January 18th 2011 till January 22nd 2011 visit Samoa and use CALL 5W8A, From January 22nd till January 25th Am. Samoa and use CALL KH8/N9YU and from January 26th till January 29th Fiji and use CALL 3D2AD. During this visit he will control equpmments and boat for next trip on Conway Reef, 3D2C, Septemebr/October 2011....
After cancelation T31 DX expedition YT1AD and K3LP with friends organising DX expedition on small beautiful island Conway Reef, small Fiji Iskland in South Pacific area. This island is famous DXCC: 3D2C.
All team will arrive in Fiji, Nadi in September 28th 2011. Departure from port Nadi - Denerau, September 29th 2011. Arriving at Conway Reef September 30th 2011 afternoon. Activity from Conway Reef October 1st till October 10th 2011. Departure from Conway Reef to Nadi October 11. Arriving at Fiji October 12 afternoon.
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