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We receive confirmation that the 9M0W Spratli operation approved for DXCC credit.
Also receive LoTW licence and we wil upload to the end of this week all OQRS and direct request to LoTW.
On March 17 we start deliver received and OQRS cards and start to look in your mailboxes :-)

The final LOG is now on-line. For any question about busted and missing QSO;s write to Checking will start after YT3W return to Serbia 26.03.2018.
Please don't send emails to other members of the team. They not have LOG and can't help.
Also please DON'T ask for QSO data like: date, time, mode, band, because that is against DXCC rules and we cant provide that information.

           SSB      CW    JT65     FT8    band
  160m       0    1801       0       0    1801
   80m      19    2689       0       0    2708
   40m     129    4712       0       0    4841
   30m       0    1392       0     715    2107
   20m    1515    3238       0      68    4821
   17m    1246    2030       1       3    3280
   15m     680    1996       0       0    2676
   12m     249     244       0       0     493
   10m     247     486       0       0     733
  Mode    4085   18588       1     786   23460

 1-Band QSOs:      5317
 2-Band QSOs:      1712
 3-Band QSOs:       994
 4-Band QSOs:       550
 5-Band QSOs:       384
 6-Band QSOs:       275
 7-Band QSOs:       162
 8-Band QSOs:        91
 9-Band QSOs:        76
Unique calls       9561 

Finally we have confirmation for flight in 5:30 local time on March 8. See you on the air tomorrow.
9M0W team

According new information received from resort Layang Layang, Spratly island our departure is postponed again due to technical reasons. We have meeting with people from Air company and resort Layang Layang and they have promised as that we have flight on March 8th in the morning.

According information received from resort Layang Layang - Spratly island our departure is postponed due to technical reasons. Our activity we expect will be from March 7th 2018, one day later. More info come today.

We have last meeting before departure for the final agreement. Everyone arrived with most of the luggage. Missing luggage to arrives this afternoon. Meeting again tomorrow at 3:30AM for the flight to the island.

All team member arrived in Kota Kinibalu according time table. After dinner on March 4th, next meeting is tomorrow at 10:00 with local HAMs. Departure is Thursday morning at March 6th 2018 in 05:45. We expect first activity on March 6th around 10:00 local time (1:00 GMT).
Part of team with local HAMs meet in hotel.

Team 9M0W prepared all documents for DXPedition in March 2018 on a famous Island Spratly - Layang Layang. Landing permit from Malaysian government arrived. We also have licence from MCMC with call 9M0W. 20 person with team lider YT1AD, HL5FUA, K9JM, YT3W, ZL3WW, ZL3WW/yl, K1LZ, K1ZM, JT1CO, F6GNZ, PY2XB, KO8SCA, WD5COV, W5XU, VK3FY, VK3FN, SV2GWY, 9M6ABZ, 9M6RHM and 9M6ZAE. The member of our team was our brother Dave K3LP, but from January 2018 we will all miss one of the most famous radio amateur K3LP. This DXPed will be in the memory on David Collingham, K3LP. Our team will meet in Kota Kinibalu, one day before departure on March 6, 2018.
9M0W call will be active from March 6 till March 13, 2018.
QSL via YT1AD. More information on the WEB site