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Swains Island Swains Island
Dear radio-amateurs of the world, the N8S team is very happy with the visit to the beautiful Swains island and the fact that you were given a chance to have a QSO with a new DXCC entity. We are thankful for each of the QSO's you had with us.
The new record set by N8S is 117.205, K1B had 95.127 QSO's.
N8S Team
"The following organizations have made a significant Financial Contribution to the Swains Island DX-pedition:"
Acom Icom
Iridium PY5EG, ATILANO Oms has donated IRIDIUM Sat. Phone and connection service.
Total nr. of QSO's:
- N8S: 117.205
- KH8/N9YU, KH8/N3S, KH8/K3LP, etc. 18.200
- 5W5AA, W0AA, 5W0NU, 5W0SV, 5W0JT, 5W5LP, 5W0CK and 5W0QS 17.500
N8S Swains Island DXPed March 29 to April 30, 2007. Created Acim, YZ1EW