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Name Lee, KH6BZF
A final report from your pilot station in Hawai'i.
I had hundreds of e-mails from the Pacific area, North America and several from South America. Most of their e-mails were \"why don't they listen in the General and Advanced Class portions of the bands.\"
I told them I'm several hundreds of miles from Swains and they should exercise patience as Japan, their main complaint, was geographically closer than the East Coast of No. America!
I torted to them, that if they had taken and passed their Extra Class license they wouldn't have the band segment problem. Some answered that I was correct and they would study for their Extra Class exam!
Only one disgruntled Amateur who took out his spleen on me and that was W4OI, a first class jerk. I could not find him in the DXCC listing.
The bottom line, only one sour apple in the DX barrel!
Let's do it again.
Best of ALOHAs

Thanks for all. and you gave us great jobs.
cu anywhere your dx pedition.

akihiko okamoto

Name N3OYO
Your log DID show my 2 contacts, on 17M & 15M phone, now it just show's only the 17M contact (my first contact)..Is there a problem?
Tom smile

Name SP5ADX Radek
Good job guys.
Worked on 20 and 17m SSB. Unfortunatelly I cannot find my callsign in the log 20m. Maybe log is not updated yet.

VY 73's de Radek, SP5ADX

Name JA
Here is the active N8S online log.

http://logsearch.de/index.php?option=com_content &task=view&id=175&Itemid=106

N8S Online log problems - no more beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name pa5cw
I Think I worked you, but online log give an error message, so I tried to worked you again. This might give extra traffic on the bands.

Anyway good DX-pediton, good signals and operators.

cuagn Kees PA5CW

Name i0djv Aldo
Congratulation ...!!!!!!!!
i0djv Aldo - Frascati - Rome - Italy

Name Don KK9H
Wonderful job fellas! Everything seemed very professional and efficient. The CW ops were top notch. Congratulations on a job well done!

73, Don KK9H (Northfield, IL)

Name Paul VE1DX
Excellent operation! I worked you guys everywhere there was propagation between KH8 and VE1. There is nothing I would suggest to improve the DXpedition . . .you guys worked the pileups professionally and followed propagation well.

Now . . . find a way to put P5 on in a manner just as expertly as you did N8S! smile

My best wishes to all of you, and have a safe trip home.

73/DX Paul VE1DX

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