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T31 DX-pedition Cancellation Announcement Sept./Oct. 2010

It is with great regret that David (K3LP - Co-Leader) and I (Hrane as YT1AD - Leader) must inform the DX Community that after 16 months of planning our DX-pedition trip to T31 - Canton Island (, slated for 11 days in Oct. 2010, the trip will be cancelled. We planned 6 stations fully equipped for HF plus two additional stations for UHF/VHF/Satellite plus 13-14 operators. Our goal was to make 100,000 plus QSOs much like our N8S - Swains Island DX-pedition in 2006.
This decision is based on the March 7, 2010 announcement by the T31X team planned for June 2010 ( Unfortunately, it is cheaper to send a smaller crew with three radios and two amplifiers.
In light of this recent announcement, the total cost of the trip versus the uniqueness will evaporate prior to our arrival. For this reason, we will pick another location for a future date. Minus some team member partial cash contributions and planned equipment sponsors, there were no cash donations made that need to be refunded. We will forfeit our $40K cash deposit on the boat and seek other places in 2011.
Sincerely, T31F team 2010
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