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Hrane YT1AD first started his career as a radio amateur operator in October 1969 in Kraljevo Radio club - YU1DKL. His first, C category, radio amateur exam he passed in 1971 and made his first contact in his radio club. He passed his B category exam in 1973 in Uzice, where he first became a licensed operator, with his first callsign YU1OIQ. In 1977 he passed the A category exams, as well as additional exams for operation in Russian and English language. During his studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, on March 15th, 1975 he founded Radio club Steleks YU4EXA (YU4ETF, YZ4Z). The club achieved remarkable results. At that time many generations of faculty students - radio amateur operators were created. In 1981 he got the YU1TF callsign. For a certain period of time he was also active as YU1TF/6. Since 1985 he used to work as YU5AD. By going back to Serbia in 1991 he got his current YT1AD callsign.
During years of radio amateur activity, he owned the following licenses: YU1OIQ, YU1TF, YU1TF/6, YU5AD, YT1AD, YT5A, Z31AD, Z32A, UT1UD, RV7AD, RV7AD/9, RV7AD/UI8, ER0A, LA/YT1AD, OH/YT1AD, 4X/YT1AD, 8Q7AD, S79A, 6W/YU5AD, 6W7S, TS8A, TS3A, 3V3B, 3V5A, 3V6T, 3V7A, J68DA, V26AS, V29AD, 9Y/YT1AD, YS9/YT1AD, HU1A, HU4X, HU4A, ZV7A, KB9WRP, N9YU, A35AD, YJ2AD, 3D2AD, 3D2CI, 3D2CY, 3D2C, T25A, T30M, T33I, T32W, K1B, S05X.
For several days he used to work from Libya using 5A1A callsign, and he has constantly for 12 years worked from the Institute of Animation club station in Tunisia, 3V8BB. During these 12 years he has visited Tunisia for 54 times, where he built one of the best radio amateur locations in Africa, in cooperation with the students and the management from the Institute. During his 54 visits, he worked over 250.000 QSOs from this location. During 1996 he was also active as AH6AZ and in 2002 as a guest-operator at LU8XP. During his career as a radio amateur operator he achieved many significant results, most interesting of which are:
YUDXC - 2002 1st place
CQ WPX CW - 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001 1st place, SOAB category
CQ WPX SSB - 1996. 1st place, SOAB category
CQ WW CW - 1997. 1st place, SOAB LP category
IARU - 1997, 2003, 2004 1st place, SOAB Mixed category
ARRL DX CW - 2nd place, SOAB category

During the period of 1995 - 2002 in WAE, ARRL DX CW/SSB, CQ WW, CQ WPX, RDXC contests he took one of the top 5 places in SOAB category. At the same time he was a member of many MS, M2 and MM teams in major world contests. His special areas of his interest are DXpeditions and travelling. He led or participated in several significant expeditions:
1991 - 1992 6W7S
1994 - ZV7A
1992 - J68DA
1993 - V29AD
1994 - 9Y/YT1AD
1998 - A35AD, YJ2AD, 3D2AD
2000 - 3D2AD
2001 - 3D2AD, 3D2CI, 3D2CY (two times)
2002 - 3D2AD, K1B, 3V8GI
2003 - S05X, 3D2AD, T30M
2004 - 3D2AD, T30M, T33I, T33C
He visited North Korea two times, held P5A license, but he has never had the chance to work as P5A because the military authorities have never given him their consent. He visited Mt. Athos and Serbian Hilandar monastery 34 times and tried to obtain a license several times, yet still it only remains his wish.