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  Professional career


He used to work as a supervision engineer in the Olympic committee in Sarajevo, investment facilities supervision engineer in Kotor, he participated in the construction of Bokeljka factory, a part of the bearing industry in Kotor. As the manager of Vardar montaza, he participated in the construction of various high-voltage long range electricity supply lines in Macedonia, as well as several residential buildings in Montenegro, Titeks factories in the towns of Rozaje, Murino and Savnik. He also worked on the construction of residential buildings in Vranje, Zavarivac and Jumko industrial facilities, located also in Vranje. He participated in the construction of many military facilities in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. As the head manager of Interplastika S.A. he took part in the construction of the following factories:

  • Moscow, Novosibirsk – Russia
  • Samarkand - Uzbekistan
  • Kutaisi - Georgia
  • Odessa, Dniepropetrovsk, Krivoi Rog, Cherkasi, Kiev, Livov, Novoiavorovsk – Ukraine
  • Temisoara - Romania
  • Sofia - Bulgaria
  • Alma Ata, Astana - Kazakhstan
  • Emil Duraku, Djakovica - Kosovo, Sebia

Significant results were achieved in Magnitogorsk metal mill where the application of mathematical model technology in the protection of steel production converters using special fireproof materials created a huge beneficial economic effect.
Hrane also works on the construction of industrial and sport facilities in Astana, Kazakhstan.
With his partners he takes part in the construction of apartments in Chicago - USA.
Besides all these activities, there is a vast number of others that make an extensive list.